Five Cool Things We Learned from #askGE

This past week we celebrated GE’s 125th anniversary by putting our experts to work for you. On May 2nd, a panel of GE specialists convened on Twitter to answer questions from our readers. Here are five of the most interesting things we learned. 

1) Natural gas is seriously underestimated.

Natural gas has a bigger role to play in reducing GHG emissions than many people realize. It’s a great complement to intermittent power sources like wind and solar, burns cleaner than other fossil fuels, and increases power output at flexible combined-cycle plants. Check out this video for more on why natural gas is the fuel of the future.

2) Artificial Intelligence is now writing code. 

Since most code can be re-used for different purposes, researchers wrote a machine-learning program called DeepCoder that assembles new software from the code it finds lying around the Internet. Not a machine but still want to learn code? Check out these five DIY learning tools

3) Only five more years until AI moves into industrial machines. 

Companies like Veerum in Alberta are already using AI software to optimize industrial projects, and GE experts say that we can expect to soon see smart machines that collaborate independently. (Worried about the future of intelligent machines? Read our report on how to succeed in an age of smart machines.) 

4) The oil & gas industry is starting to bet on VR. 

Virtual Reality may still seem fanciful, but cutting-edge oil & gas companies are already developing the tools to put it into practice. Soon you’ll be visiting remote sites from the comfort of your office. 

5) Digital wind farms are 20% more productive than regular ones. 

Wind power is the fastest growing form of renewable power worldwide. If it reached its full potential, wind power could supply one-third of Canada’s energy demand. With digital tools like remote data collection and predictive maintenance, wind power could turn its promise into a reality. 

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