For GE’s 125th Anniversary, Ask Us Anything

Digital industrial technologies can be dauntingly complex, but asking questions is easy. From now until May 2nd, just #askGE.

So what is #askGE?

GE turns 125 this year, and we’re celebrating the milestone by putting our experts to work for you. For the next seven days, ask us anything about digital industrial technology. On May 2, we’ll convene a panel of GE experts to answer your questions.

I don’t get it. You want me to ask you a question?

Yep. Go ahead and quiz us. Search, seek, probe, and pry. Get out your tongs, because we’re ready to be grilled. It’s a question fiesta. Got it? Indulge your inquiring mind. You = interrogatory; GE = answer-ogatory.

In short, now’s your chance to unload your curiosity on GE experts and get answers for your queries. If you’ve ever read something about digital industrial trends or technologies and come away feeling perplexed, the time has come to dispel that confusion.

What kinds of questions should I ask?

The digital industrial revolution is well underway, but many of the related technologies are still new. It can be hard to keep track of everything that’s happening and what it all means for the future of work.

We can’t guarantee that we’ll answer every single question, but we want to help you understand how digital industrial technology works and why it matters. Want to know what a bit of jargon really means? We can help. Maybe there’s something related to your job that you wish you understood better, but have been too afraid to ask? This would be a great time to ask that question.

For more ideas, check out the GE Store. Fair warning: when you see the range of things that GE is doing with digital technology, you may get a little dizzy at the scope of applications and possibilities. But don’t worry, we’ll help you figure it out. Just come on back and ask us any questions that come up. Seriously.

Do you have any examples of the types of questions I can ask?

Great question! How about:

What’s a “digital twin”?
How do you put virtual reality to good use in industry?
Should I be worried about automation?
Where is artificial intelligence having the greatest impact?
How do you make oil and gas production cleaner?
When can I start wearing a robot exoskeleton to work?

Now that you mention it, there were a few things I’ve been wondering about. But where do I ask my questions?

Pretty much anywhere you can find us. You can ask us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. We’ll also be posting Q&A’s with GE experts on GE Reports Canada all week, and you can put your questions in the comment sections of those stories. (Including this one—look below!) Then, on May 2nd, follow along on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to catch our experts answering questions in real-time.

Anything else?

Nope. It’s time to get inquisitive. Unleash the questions!

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