We’re Going “Eye in the Sky” for #DroneWeek: Check Out this Cool Tech in Action


 Get a Drone’s-Eye View of GE’s Intelligent Turbines

Soaring between each powerful blade, drones are able to get up close and personal with the 24 Internet-connected GE 2.5MW turbines dotting the landscape on Manitoulin Island. This joint Northland Power-GE project features some of today’s most impressive clean tech around.

Drone Week Wind Farm  

Made on Manitoulin Island: Putting the Local Grid First

The McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm is bringing renewable energy to the world’s largest freshwater island. This unique project sits at the end of the grid so any power produced services the local area first. Surplus power is fed into the main system at high-wind times. Check out these towering turbines with the help of some camera-equipped drones.

Drone Week Wind Farm  

Internet-Connected Sensors Mean Less Downtime

Each of the McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm turbines is connected to the Internet through a secure network. The major drive-train components are monitored 24/7 and state-of-the-art sensors allow engineers to pull out data at any time. Here, drones have captured them working at peak performance.

Drone Week Wind Farm  

A Powerful Partnership

GE and Northland Power work together to leverage the data generated from Internet-connected sensors on the McLean’s Mountain turbines. Data insights lead to proactive maintenance, less downtime and a more efficient wind farm. Get a sense of the entire operation with this aerial footage, shot using the latest drone technology.

Drone Week Wind Farm  

A Commitment to the Power of Wind

A 2,000-hectare piece of land on pristine Manitoulin Island is home to 24 Internet-connected wind turbines, a joint project of GE and Northland Power. The electricity they generate is used on the island, with surplus power going back onto the grid on high-wind days. It’s a “Made in Manitoulin” solution that we’re proud to play a part in.

Drone Week Wind Farm

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