Insights + Innovators Episode 1 – Digital Diva or Digital Dinosaur? Listen in as Elyse Allan Explains How the Digital Revolution Is Shaping the Future of Work 

The digital revolution is here.  By 2020, it is estimated that more than 50 billion machines will be connected to the Industrial Internet. As the pace of digital transformation increases, we face an important question: How do we make sure everyone is ready to meet the challenge and opportunity of this fast-paced change?

In this new 4-part audio series, we meet three remarkable young people who are using their STEM backgrounds to impact the world around them. We kick off with our host Jennifer Flanagan, CEO of Actua, interviewing Elyse Allan, President and CEO of GE Canada, about how the digital transformation is impacting the future of work.

Tune in as Elyse describes her own digital journey: “I wanted to go from being a digital dinosaur to a digital diva.” Her secret? Pursue all lines of curiosity.

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